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5 Myths About Using Worker Leasing Services

super June 30, 2018

So many people are unclear about worker leasing/ PEO services, and want more here is how they are able to save money and time by utilizing them. Listed here are five misguided beliefs relating to this service, and also the facts in it.

#1—It is more to make use of an worker leasing company.

You will save money with these services! The PEO enables you to focus on building your company while managing your administrative costs.

#2—I can not reduce my workers’ compensation costs! My experience rating and also the condition control my rate.

Wrong! The worker leasing companies buy workers’ compensation for a large number of employees. Bulk buying means favorable discounts that you might not receive if you’re not while using services supplied by a PEO.

#3—Basically make use of an worker leasing company, I’ll come unglued of my company.

Not the case! You maintain complete control during the day-to-day operations of the company you are simply outsourcing the annoying documents. Coping with agents, audits and worker questions take some time that you could better spend centered on your company. But it’s not only time. It’s money, too.

#4—Medical health insurance rates as well as their yearly increases are pretty very similar with each and every carrier.

Not the case! Typically, small company proprietors pay more for group health than bigger companies. By partnering by having an worker leasing company, many small company proprietors have experienced savings up to 35% on their own group health costs.

#5—I’ll pay more basically make use of a PEO broker.

You’ll pay less by employing a PEO broker. You obtain the best rates when companies compete!